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Top Italian Mortgage is the dedicated Fidea’s brand for foreign clients. Fidea is a highly specialized credit brokerage company, expert in financial advisory for non-resident and having foreign income clients. Our twenty year experience in this field has, as a result, enabled us to acquire strong competences in managing mortgage applications for clients with foreign income.

We developed significant partnerships with the most important Italian credit institutes, which are able to take care of this kind of clientele. Therefore, the relationship with these banks is such trustworthy, that we can directly manage the application in the bank’s IT system from our offices.

Consequently, the best advantage is to have banking channels specialized in processing application denominated in a foreign currency.

Our competences and the deep knowledge of banking evaluation criteria allow us to respond promptly about the feasibility of a mortgage application.

First of all, our task is to analyse the mortgage requests and identify the best solution offered in the Italian banking landscape.

During this long and delicate process, each client can count on high professional standards, in-depth linguistic skills and legal assistance. Our aim is to make the purchase or renovation process easy and reliable, as if the client is applying in his own Country.

Therefore, we provide our clients constant updates on the application status and bureaucratic support, such as access to public offices for requesting technical or personal papers on behalf of the client: e.g. Italian codice fiscale etc…

Every serious professional relationship is based on the confidence. For this reason, we provide our professionalism and our competences in credit brokerage at client disposal. Our fees are due only in case of positive banking resolution.



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