Searching for the right property is an important step during the purchase process.

Several difficulties increase if you live abroad. A professional figure having linguistic skills can help you in turn this step into easy, efficient and convenient.

If you have not found your real estate yet, we can get you in touch with experts working all over the national territory: they will be able to turn your needs and expectations into a highly focused and successful research.


The purchase process implies technical and juridical complexities, especially if a mortgage deed is involved. We collaborate with specialized law firms assisting the client during the most delicate steps of the purchase process (i. e. drafting of the preliminary contract and the purchase and mortgage deeds) to support our clients with the best brokerage advices. This can permit to face the purchase with awareness and reliability.


Our team can communicate with our clients in the most common languages.

However, during the preliminary activity and the signature of the contract, professional interpreters/translators are involved if the personal documentation is drafted in other languages than the Italian and the client does not know the Italian as well.

You can, otherwise, provide for the translations of your documents independently and rely on experts of your confidence.

If you prefer not to deal with the translations directly, our service of affordable and highly specialised translation/interpreting is at your disposal.



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