Obtaining a mortgage in Italy for an Italian citizen living abroad enrolled in the A.I.R.E. (Register of Italian citizens living abroad) implies many advantages.
Italian citizens living abroad can get:

  • a positive evaluation by Italian banks, which are less strict towards clients showing a close relationship with the Italian territory than with applicants who only live abroad and have foreign incomes;
  • significant tax reliefs linked to the purchase of the First House in Italy without transferring the residency;
  • an easier procedure to get a mortgage.

TOP ITALIAN MORTAGE supports you in finding the best solution available in the Italian banking landscape and guarantees a certified translation service for Italian citizens resident abroad.
The following categories can register in the A.I.R.E:

  • Italian citizens moving abroad for more than 1 year;
  • Italian citizens born and living abroad;
  • People who obtained the Italian citizenship abroad and keep living abroad;

The registration at the A.I.R.E gives you the possibility to:

  • obtain the support of the consular office;
  • vote abroad, receiving by mail the necessary documents;
  • celebrate a marriage or a civil partnership abroad;
  • much more.

Additional information about the A.I.R.E are available at the dedicated page of the official website of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

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