Italy has always been perceived as a charming country all over the world: foreign tourists are fascinated by historical cities of art, as well as different Italian landscapes with their breathtaking views, from mountains to coasts of the whole Country.
Foreign people coming in Italy fall in love with our Country and our culture and frequently decide to buy a house here. Some of them think about it as a place where moving permanently after retirement, others want a holiday home where they can spend their leisure time peacefully, others decide to buy in strategic places to rent the property for touristic purposes.
However, the purchase of a property in Italy is often limited by several aspects linked to bureaucratic difficulties. Among them, the difficulty in getting a mortgage in Italy is one of the most challenging and foreign clients sometimes even decide to give up on it.


Top Italian Mortgage has been created with the aim of providing foreign clients with the chance to buy or renovate in Italy, with the support of a mortgage. We address to natural persons (not companies) coming from all over the world, having foreign incomes in different currencies and interested in getting a mortgage in Italy to buy or renovate a property.
Top Italian Mortgage is the only Italian company able to offer this service to foreign clients with foreign residency and income, offering competence and trustworthiness, reached during our 20-year experience.


Our long-lasting partnerships with the most important Italian banks give us the possibility to rapidly elaborate an analysis of the feasibility of a mortgage application and to process the application from the IT banking systems activated in our offices.
Another important key issue is our cooperation with Italian embassies all over the world to help our clients in the legalization of all the documents required by banks in order to apply for a mortgage.
Our team is composed of consultants and experts in several foreign languages able to assist the client in every step, providing him with bureaucratic support and continuous updates on the processing of the application.

Mortgage Calculator

You can calculate your mortgage online to get an idea about your monthly repayments on first/holiday home, whether you are a natural person or a company.

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Mortgage rates in Italy

All information regarding the rates of an Italian mortgage; mortgage registration fee, bank investigation, brokerage costs, etc.

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Mortgage Quote

You can request an estimate without obligation, and we will give you our advice to obtain your mortgage in Italy.

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