According to the latest estimates, the real estate market addressing to foreign costumers is constantly growing, to the point that in the first half of 2018, the transactions amounted to about 290.000: 11.5% more than in the same period of 2017, which at its time was more than 58% higher than that of 2016. The reason for this constant growth could partially be attributed to the persistent decline in prices along the last years and to the added real estate value coming from a growing care for the energetic efficiency and eco-friendly solutions.
In this respect, it became clear in the last period, that the most required types of housing are independent units, such as farmhouses or villas surrounded by outdoor spaces (gardens, terraces …), located 10-15 km from the Italian tourist centres.
As for the main areas of interest, during these last years the focus is not only on the most popular destinations (Rome, Milan, the northern lakes, Florence …) but also on more characteristic areas of the Italian peninsula.

For example, among historical investors, the Germans seem to be moving towards the Adriatic Riviera, the Venetian coast, as well as the Marches Conero and Salento, while the French buyers seem to love Liguria more. Tuscany, especially the Chianti area, appears to be the favourite destination for English people, who are also oriented towards Rome, Venice and Milan.
Generally speaking, however, Tuscany remains among the favourite destinations for the purchase of a second home, with 15% of requests; it is followed from Liguria (13%) and Puglia (12%). Off the podium, but still worthy of mention, are Sardinia (8.5%) and Abruzzo (7.5%).
In these areas, investors are kidnapped by small villages and their naturalistic and cultural heritage. Even though small towns are preferred in these regions, these spots must be close enough to the tourist centres to allow all the necessary comforts. Another great advantage of the purchase of a home in the above mentioned areas is the price for sure, which is considerably low.
The investing process often includes significant renovations too; these works aim to make the real estate more functional, so it could be easier to use it as tourist lease, when the building is not lived by the owners.

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