from Londra, UK, 31/07/2020

I found "top italian mortgage" simply searching online while I was looking for a way to buy my house in Italy. I started researching after getting in touch with several Italian banks which were not able to approve me a mortgage because my income wasn't from Italy and I wasn't living in Italy. I was about to give up on a beautiful house that I really wanted when I got in Touch with Alessandro from "Top Italian mortgage".
He helped me from the beginning with all the documentation needed by the bank in order to look in to my case and with my great happines within 2 weeks I received the green light from an italian bank which approved with no hesitation my mortgage.
Funny enough this bank was also one that I asked to previously and got refused by the director of the branch.
I can't thank enough Alessandro and his team to make my dream come true. He is always been really professional and helpful.
Extremely recommended!!

from Londra, UK, 03/08/2020

Miss Sara Pistolesi was extremely attentive and her organisation delivered the financing solution required with minimal effort. I would recommend for any overseas investor.

Linea Blu
from Nederlands, 30/07/2020

Very good and professional company. Always in time and strict in the appointments. They helped us for a mortgage for our holiday house on the beautiful Amalficoast. I will recommend this company to everyone.

David and Michelle
from Nashua, USA, 03/08/2020

We were looking to purchase a home in Italy in but were unfamiliar with the banking, mortgage financing, and property purchase process in Italy. Fortunately, we engaged the services of Top Italian Mortgage, who expertly guided us through the challenging process of a home purchase in Italy. We likely would not have been able to purchase our beautiful villa in the Cinque Terre without the expert services of Top Italian Mortgage.
Top Italian Mortgage guided us through the required documentation, such as the Codice Fiscale necessary for our mortgage loan application, the Voucher Mutuo (mortgage voucher), which summarizes the main features of the mortgage, and the Offerta Vincolante, and turned what could have been a very challenging situation for us into one that was very smooth and efficient. They not only assisted us in executing the documents but patiently explained everything in detail to us. Top Italian Mortgage was very proactive in ensuring that each step in the mortgage and purchase process was completed with diligence and thoroughness. Examples of just a few of the time sensitive items performed by Top Italian Mortgage included the coordination of all the personal and income documents required for upload into the banking system, translation and certification of proof of our income before an Italian Justice of the Peace, and appointment of a property surveyor.
Throughout the whole process Top Italian Mortgage maintained excellent communication with us and kept us apprised of every step that was required. They were always willing to provide assistance any time we needed guidance or help from them. For example, as we struggled to open an Italian banking account, Alessandro Corsi spoke on our behalf to the branch manager in Italian to explain our situation and set up the most appropriate account for us. We cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Alessandro Corsi, Managing Director, Sara Pistolesi, Mortgage Advisor, and the other members of Top Italian Mortgage for their exceptional level of expertise, diligence, responsiveness, and overall professionalism. We strongly recommend them for anyone looking to purchase a property in Italy.

from Londra, UK, 25/04/2020

I can only recommend Top Italian Mortgage, their professionalism, competence and patience have been very important in the success of my small real estate investment in Italy. I hope to work with them again in the coming years.

from Londra, UK, 26/02/2020

I couldn't rate their service higher. Money very well spent!
They took care of the headache and the bureaucracy of dealing with banks during the whole process, giving me time to focus on other important things.
Their advisors were always very efficient, very responsive and helpful (at times, even outside of working hours). They took care of the entire process through to successful completion.
I'd recommend their service to anyone who wants to take a mortgage out if Italy but doesn't have the time to deal with the complex mortgage landscape and buying a house bureaucracy.
Thanks for all your help Top Italian Mortgage!

Stefano e Raffaella
from Germany, 04/09/2019

Eines unserer Lebenspläne war es, eine Wohnung zu kaufen. Ein weit verbreitetes und scheinbar leich zu erreichendes Projekt: Eigenkapital und Darlehen. Leider hat die Odyssee hier begonnen, da wir im Ausland leben. Die Bank im Wohnsitzland kann kein Darlehen in einem anderen Land finanzieren, und die Banken in Italien verlangen, dass die Kreditnehmer bei italienischen Unternehmen beschäftigt sind. Unsere erste Reaktion auf eine solche Sackgasse war, das Projekt aufzugeben; dann herrschte der Wunsch, unseren Traum zu verwirklichen und nach einigen Nachforschungen wandten wir uns an Fidea. In Sauro Antonelli und seinem Team fanden wir Kompetenz, Professionalität, Zuverlässigkeit und den Darlehnsvertrag, der es uns ermöglichte, unsere eigene Wohnung zu haben. Wir hätten uns keine bessere Beratung wünschen können! Allen, die unsere Situation teilen, können wir nur wärmstens empfehlen, sich auf Fidea zu verlassen. Ich möchte auch hinzufügen, dass der Betrag für die angeforderte Beratung angesichts des Arbeitsaufwands, den das Sauro-Team leistet, wirklich bescheiden ist: Unterstützung vom ersten Beratungstag bis zur Unterzeichnung der Notarurkunde und darüber hinaus. Nochmals herzlichen Dank an Sauro und sein Team für die Ermöglichung dessen, was uns unerreichbar erschien.

Nico, Petra e Paul
from Nederlands, 27/05/19

From the beginning on we had not only a very professional but also very friendly relationship with our consultant Mr. Alessandro Corsi. We are convinced that without him and his collegues we would not have achieved the final result concerning the mortgage. Moreover they found a very capable notary for the right price. We could not be happier with the house, the mortgage and last but not least the help which we received during this process.

from the UK, 04/03/2019

Alessandro was amazing; quiet simply, without his knowledge, expertise and diligence, I would not have been able to purchase my dream in Italy. He made something which I thought was going to be a very arduous task become very straight forward. There are lots of steps, and forms to be completed, but he holds your hand every step of the way and makes the process exceptionally easy to complete. If I am lucky enough to buy another place in Italy, I will be using Alessandro again, and I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking at buying in Italy.

John and Miguel
from the US, 27/02/2019

I decided to purchase a property in Italy. I am an American and I did not appreciate the complexity of purchasing a property overseas. Fortunately I was made aware of Fidea Credito. After speaking with Maria Tomassetti, I felt more reassured. She arranged for me to speak with one of the owners of the firm, Alessandro Corsi, who explained the process in detail to me which was important, since I was purchasing a property in the historic district of Turin, which had its own unique set of parameters. Through the entire process, Maria was diligent, precise and time-sensitive, and Alessandro Corsi met us at the final signing of the documents in Turin ( a 5 hour trip from Fidea’s offices). I am very appreciative of their hard work on our behalf. I highly recommend them and would use them again without hesitation.

from the UK, 20/01/2019

I was extremely happy with Alessandro Corsi’s professionalism and organization. He always responded timely and fully to my queries and deftly guided me through all the steps of the procedure to get an Italian mortgage. I am certain that I would not had been successful without Alessandro’s specialized knowledge. Moreover, he was prepared to walk the extra mile and advise on me with questions not directly related to the conveyance. He was always a prudent advisor, who was never in a hurry to close a deal and always had the time (and patience) to help me with my search for an apartment in Milan.
I was initially referred to Fidea – Top Italian Mortgage by another broker, who recommended your services for foreign clients trying to get an Italian mortgage. Our relation started in late March 2018 and concluded in early December when we closed a deal on an apartment in Milan. In my experience, Fidea was always extremely professional and helped me through all the steps necessary to get a pre-approved mortgage from an Italian bank and then to close on the deal. I strongly recommend Fidea’s services – particularly for homebuyers who are not already familiar with Italian banks and conveyance procedures. Milan is a very competitive housing market, so I was happy that I could rely on Fidea for all the back-office work, so I could concentrate on finding an affordable apartment that met my requirements.

Ruth and Carmelo
from the UK, 07/01/2019

Alessandro and Fidea team were exceptionally professional, constantly managed our expectations and never undelivered their promises. Really happy with the whole experience and would highly recommend Fidea. Your team went out of their way to support us and we were very highly impressed with the level of attention. The whole experience , from start to finish was managed impeccably.

Tiffany and Marco
from the Netherlands, 27/11/2018

It was my pleasure to work with Alessandro and his team at Fidea srl …The process of getting an Italian mortgage, while living and working in Amsterdam was an overwhelming task made easy by working with Alessandro, I could not and would not have been able to navigate or understand the Italian requirements and processes without the support and high standards of work that the Fidea team has. Everything was handled and explain in depth every step of the way.
From helping me choose which would be the right type of Mortgage, handling all translations from English and Dutch to Italian to going with me to the bank to open our bank account. We always received very quick responses to all of our questions and I always felt like I was of the up most important client. This is a top of a line firm that I will always recommend as a must when buying a house in Italy.

from New York 18/04/2018

My experience with FIDEA could not have been better. Alessandro made the process so easy and handled everything quickly—even managing to move everything along during the Christmas holiday. I now am the proud owner of my dream apartment in Venice and could not be happier! I would recommend FIDEA to anyone sho has the dream of owning a small piece of Italy for themselves!

Seamus & Martin
from Ireland 05/03/2018

From start to finish Alessandro and his team have been truly brilliant.
They brought us on the journey and held our hand while getting the mortgage approval, the purchase process of buying the property and the final legal piece of closing the contract. They helped us with the big detail and even the small pieces. We would highly highly recommend Alessandro and his team. They were always available by email, by skype and even in person (Fabio) when we visited the bank to set up our bank accounts. I can honestly say without Alessandro and his team we wouldn’t be the proud owners of our little holiday home. Alessandro gave us the reassurance and the professional advice to make our dream a reality. If we were to ever consider purchasing a property abroad again our first phone call would be Alessandro and the Fidea credit team.

Ken and Veronica
from Singapore, 31/01/2018

Dear Alessandro,
First things first….Thank You…..Thank You…..Thank You. What you have done for us goes far beyond the business relationship we established many months ago. You have been a confidant, a trusted advisor and a patient reassuring support when we needed support. This is so true that we consider you a friend not just someone we did business with. We will be forever grateful for your help and thankful for your friendship.

Rita and Karina
13 Jun 2017, at 12:30

I am writing on behalf of our family to thank you in handling our Italian house purchase. We acknowledge that it has been very challenging for FIDEA to find us mortgage in a middle of Brexit announcement, and for Konstantin and Lynda to find us a property to our taste and requirements with our very modest budget – a virtually impossible task. Alessandro, Maria, Lynda and Konstantin, you have shown a truly impressive teamwork, leadership, professionalism, expertise and problem-solving in dealing with our challenging case and making our purchase happen. We felt your great support every step of the way, any issues and challenges were addressed proactively and promptly, and all work was carried out to the highest possible standard. Thank you again for your truly outstanding and impeccable support. We are very fortunate to have met such wonderful people and friends.

Mr Davis
26 April 2017, 16:26

Maria was a fantastic resource and helped me find the right funding for my restructuring project. She was really sensitive and clearly explained the process. The only problem, the Italian banks. I presented my documentation in January and are taken until the end of April to complete the process. I know things are slower in Italy, but it will be useful to set other customers’ expectations correctly.

Mr Gallo
23 June 2016, 11:36

We were extremely happy working with Maria Tomassetti. Handling the transaction long distance and with translation requirements Maria and her colleagues were excellent. The process and ultimatetransaction went perfectly. Everything that was said or quoted turned out exactly as described. There were no surprises in a negative sense at all.

Mr Cuttes
23 Feb 2016, 11:31

The quality of Dott.ssa Maria Tomassetti work is of an extremely high standard. We felt confident knowing that our application was being dealt with in a professional and timely manner. The importance of being kept informed throughout the application process, from initiation to the point of completion was most important and gave reassurance that our personal information was in safe hands. In addition, our use of the Italian language is somewhat limited and Maria helped to make the process of understanding the paperwork and regulations much easier.

12 Mar 2015, at 08:42

We commissioned Fidea srl to assist us in securing a mortgage to buy property in Central Italy during 2014. The consultant assigned to us was very proactive at every stage of the process and an immense source of knowledge. We couldn’t have done it without her! Communications were excellent through email, online conferences and face to face meetings. A truly international service delivered with a professional but also personal approach. 10 out of 10. I would have no hesitation in recommending Fidea srl and will definitely be working with them on future projects.

Mr Rosenberg
11 Dec 2015, 15:35

The help that we got from our consultant was invaluable. As first time buyers of a property in Italy, we wouldn ́t have been able to go through such a quick loan process on our own. We didn ́t have any own bank contacts in Italy, and we didn ́t know what documents that would be needed. By having someone representing us locally, it worked very conveniently for us to go through the loan process. We always got answers and explanations to our questions in a very timely manner from the consultant. We were also informed about what the next would be, so we could be aware of what was going on. It felt as the consultant cared about the client and always strived for an easy and positive process during the loan process. Our experience is 100% positive and we are very content with the way everything was taken care of. From the initial documents of confidentiality to the last meeting at the bank and with the lawyer who made the contract for the property. We would absolutely recommend the service to any other person looking for loan advice when buying a property in Le Marche. The fee for the service is well invested money.

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