A mortgage application in Italy implies several activities and some of them can be completed from your Country. Among remote activities, there are: preliminary advisory activities, collection and analysis of the documents, pre-evaluation of feasibility, translation of the necessary documents, activities of legalization or certification of the translated documents, activities of pre-contractual transparency (necessary documents and forms to be signed can be anticipated via email for transparency reasons).
In compliance with the money-laundering regulation and our fraud prevention system, uploading a mortgage application in the banking system requires a personal meeting between the client and our company, through an appointed employee. This meeting is aimed at personally identifying the client and proceeding with the signatures of all the banking forms.
Thus, preliminary activities described above can be issued from abroad, while in order to proceed with the banking analysis the client has several options at his disposal, also depending on the specific credit institute identified.

These are the options available:

1. Scheduling a meeting in Italy for the personal identification, signature of the forms and opening of the bank account before uploading the application into the banking system. Both these activities are free and give the client the opportunity to avoid other travels to Italy during the application until the signature of the purchase and mortgage deeds.
2. Scheduling a meeting in Italy aimed at completing the identification and signature of the forms (without opening the bank account), a useful solution if another travel to Italy for the opening of a bank account is already scheduled or, in any case, easy to arrange.
3. In case of difficulty in coming to Italy, we put at our clients’ disposal a paid-for transfer service. Thanks to this service, an appointed person authorized to make remote offers, identifying activities and collecting signatures can reach clients at their residency State to complete the above-mentioned activities. Further information linked to the procedure will be provided to clients during the first conversation.

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